Campus Life

Sustainable Campus

SUSTech campus sits in the rolling hills of Nanshan District in the bustling city of Shenzhen. The natural and tranquil environment combines perfectly with the modern style of Shenzhen and its convenient location. With the campus covering an area of nearly 2 million square meters, there is plenty of room for students to cogitate and consider their research, or relax and enjoy their lives on campus. By placing ourselves among glorious greenery, we can partake in the gorgeous flora and fauna that naturally occurs in Guangdong Province.

Our campus is not just green in appearance, but we are working hard to get as close as possible to zero emissions and follow environmentally friendly policies. It is our responsibility as members of society to provide a better environment for our future generations.

Visiting SUSTech

With the energy and vitality of Shenzhen coursing through the veins of all our students, the SUSTech campus never stops. With a beautiful, environmentally-conscious campus, SUSTech students are active in student clubs, start new enterprises and run charitable organizations.

Our faculty have studied across the globe and have made great strides in bringing the world forward in a variety of areas. They’ve developed incredible innovations, and their innovative research continues to result in developments all over the world.

Life on Campus

With over 100 student-run clubs on campus running the gamut from sports to academics, from dance to entrepreneurship, from arts to technology and from volunteering to self-defense, there is always something different you can do on campus with your classmates. With a rich diversity of cross-cultural opportunities for every student and teacher, no-one is lacking in the range of activities. Whether you want to salsa dance or try your hand at traditional Chinese musical instruments, write a hip-hop song, help the less fortunate, or score goals for SUSTech’s football team, you can find your niche. You can always start your student club to provide something unique to add to SUSTech’s cultural diversity. Who knows what you’ll find?

Campus Development

The campus sits on a scenic stretch of land with winding creeks and tree-lined in Shenzhen, covering an area of 1,978,980 m². The total construction area is more than 640,000 m² and will be completed in two phases.

The new campus enjoys convenient transportation in a natural, tranquil environment. The buildings are practical in use and modern in style. The architecture accommodates SUSTech's teaching, research and management requirements, while ensuring energy conversation and eco-friendliness.